Ian Hatcher



01.05.03 – Sun representing a human face or an animal
01.07.06 – Globes forming human face or part of a human body
01.15.01 – Rainbows
01.15.02 – Electricity; Lightning; Sparks (jagged lines)
01.15.06 – Advertising, skywriting; Clouds; Fog
01.15.08 – Raindrop (a single drop); Single drop (rain, tear, etc.); Teardrop (a single drop)
01.15.09 – Snowflakes
01.15.12 – Cyclones; Tornadoes; Whirlpools
02.01.34 – Monsters (not robots); Other grotesque including men formed by plants or objects
04.07.02 – Objects forming a person; Person formed by objects

Serial Number             85555965
Filing Date             February 29, 2012
Filing Basis             1B
Original Filing Basis     1B
Description of Mark     The color(s) blue, red, gray, white, black, green, red and orange is/are claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of The terms THE WEATHER WONDERS and the individual characters listed below.
Type of Mark             SERVICE MARK
Register                 PRINCIPAL